Apple Arcade is about to get two of the best Switch games ever

best ios games: stardew valley
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The Apple Arcade library is getting a huge boost next month with the launch of two all-time greats.

The Cupertino-based giant just announced that both Stardew Valley+ and Slay the Spire+ will launch on its subscription service in July; expanding the platform's "App Store Great" collection. 

Oh, and they’re being joined by Lego Duplo World. Yay? 

Stardew Valley is not only one of the very best Switch games, it’s also one of the best podcast games around. This laid-back farming sim is perfect for portable play, and aspiring agriculturists should lap up its meticulous crop routines when it hits Apple Arcade on July 21. 

It’s a lovely warm hug of a game… although "bear hug" is probably more accurate. Last time I checked, I’d sunk over 173 hours into Concerned Ape’s fiendishly addictive farming RPG on Steam. Look, I just really like tending to virtual chickens, okay? 

Slay day

Slay the Spire

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The arrival of Slay the Spire on Apple’s platform is also a big deal. Launching on July 7, this superb deck-builder mixes in roguelite elements to create a card-dealing classic. With more than 350 cards to build your deck from, this brilliant strategy title should quickly rival the best iOS games

Why the "+" for both titles? Like all App Store Great editions, these versions of Stardew and Slay come with all content and updates included, free from in-app purchases or adverts. 

These two masterpieces are being joined by Ridiculous Fishing EX on July 14. The remastered version of this underlooked curio boasts a new competitive Pro Fishing Tour mode that comes with challenges and leaderboards. Personally, I don’t need much excuse to revisit a game that lets you "catch" fish with a chainsaw. 

I don't need much excuse to replay a game that lets you 'catch' fish with a chainsaw"

Hello Kitty Island Adventure is hitting Apple Arcade two weeks later on July 28. It looks to be going for an Animal Crossing: New Horizons vibe —although I doubt anything could be so hideously addictive as Nintendo’s existence-swallowing life sim.

If you’ve not checked out Apple Arcade yet, the service costs $4.99 / £4.99 a month. Apple currently offers a one month free trial, and buying certain Apple devices — like the best iPhones — will net you a three month trial, as long as you redeem the offer within 90 days of purchasing your device.

Am I thinking about becoming an Apple Arcade subscriber, just so I can pump another 173 hours into trying to save my dear old grandpappy’s farm in Stardew Valley on my iPad Pro? I’ll never tell.

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