Android 10 Beta Coming to Galaxy S10: When You Can Get It

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Update, Oct. 14: Samsung has officially announced that the Android 10 beta is coming to the Galaxy S10 lineup.

Samsung's Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy S10 flagship phones have a lot going for them, from a powerful processor to multiple rear cameras capable of capturing some pretty eye-catching photos. But one thing Samsung's leading phones can't claim is that they have the latest version of Android. A little more than a month after Android 10 debuted, the Galaxy Note 10 and S10 are still using Android 9 Pie.

That's going to change soon enough, though.  A report posted to Sammobile last week claimed that Samsung would announce a beta program for Android 10 later this month. And now that's come to pass.

Following up an earlier post in its Samsung Community forum confirming plans for a beta for some of its flagships, Samsung today (Oct. 14) announced the start of its One UI/Android 10 beta program for the Galaxy S10.

Here's what we know so far about Samsung's plans for Android 10.

When will the Android 10 beta be available for Samsung's phones?

According to Samsung, the roll out of the Android 10 beta featuring Samsung's One UI interface stats today. Participants in the beta program will get the chance to use the new operating system on their Samsung phones before everyone else. Samsung says a final release of Android 10 will be available for its phones "in the coming months."

This timing is consistent with what Samsung did last year to introduce its new One UI interface built on Android 9. Samsung announced OneUI at its November 2018 developer conference, launching a beta program that month. The full version of the software came out in early 2019.

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What Samsung devices can run the Android 10 beta?

Here's where we have some conflicting information. Sammobile's original report suggested that both the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Note 10 would be eligible for the Android 10 beta program. But both Samsung's "coming soon" post and the official beta announcement only mention the Galaxy S10, S10 Plus and S10e.

Furthermore, not every Galaxy S10 handset looks like it will be included in Samsung's beta program. Samsung's community forum post last week suggested the program is restricted to either unlocked phones or models tied to Sprint and T-Mobile. All Samsung's official announcement of the One UI/Android 10 beta says is that "select Galaxy 10 owners" can join the beta program.

"The One UI Beta program in the U.S. will be open to a limited number of participants and available for the Samsung Galaxy S10e, S10 or S10+ (on select carrier and unlocked devices)," Samsung says in the fine print of today's beta program announcement.

It's possible that Samsung could expand the program to other devices. Initially, last year's One UI beta was just aimed at the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy Note 9, though Samsung quickly added S8 and Note 8 models to the mix as well.

Sammobile's report said the Android 10 beta program — which Samsung seems to be calling the One UI 2 beta for Android 10 — will be available in the U.S. and parts of Europe.

How can I join Samsung's Android 10 beta?

To enroll in the beta program, you need to head to the Samsung Members app where you can register to participate. Samsung says you'll need to have a Samsung account in order to enroll.

What Android 10 features is Samsung integrating into its One UI interface?

Samsung promises that it will have more to say about the updated One UI interface at its annual developers conference on Oct. 29. But today's announcement does mention a few Android 10 features that Samsung plans to integrate into One UI.

Samsung's updated One UI will bring Android 10's Dark Mode to the lock screen (as seen on the right).

Samsung's updated One UI will bring Android 10's Dark Mode to the lock screen (as seen on the right). (Image credit: Samsung)

Our report on Samsung's One UI beta program announcement goes into greater detail on what features to expect, but Samsung is promising minimized pop-ups and a streamlined design. Samsung is enhancing the Dark Mode available on its phones to adjust the color and format on its phones' lock screens, and it also plans to integrate Android 10's Digital Wellbeing features to moderate how much you're using your phone.

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