Max subscribers get a huge upgrade from A24 — here's what's coming

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Max just scored a major upgrade for its subscribers that may keep it as our best streaming service for years to come. 

A24 and Warner Bros. Discovery have agreed to a deal that will bring A24’s new movies to Max. This is a pay-1 window agreement, which means that A24’s new movies will officially come to Max after their theatrical run and PVOD release. 

This means some big movies are about to come to Max, including Priscilla and Dream Scenario, both of which are currently in theaters. Max subscribers will also get The Zone of Interest and The Iron Claw, which are slated to come out later this year once their paid video-on-demand release window is over.

But it’s not just new movies coming to Max. Max says that over 100 A24 movies will become available on the streaming service throughout this new deal, including last year’s Best Picture winner Everything Everywhere All at Once. Not every movie from A24's back catalog will be guaranteed to come to Max, but it seems like we should at least see some heavy hitters arrive on the streaming service.

Analysis: Adding A24 is a big win for Max subscribers

I cannot understate how big a win this is. Not just for Max, but for Max subscribers — I’m personally elated. Before this new deal, you needed a Showtime subscription to access A24’s latest movies, including Showing Up, which is one of the top new movies out on streaming this week. That meant getting access through a cable provider or signing up for Paramount Plus with Showtime.

While Paramount Plus and its premium version with Showtime included both have merits, Paramount Plus with Showtime currently falls short of being one of our streaming services. So A24’s movies moving from there to our top-rated streaming service is a big upgrade for movie fans like myself. 

Here are the A24 movies coming to Max

A24's Dream Scenario starring Nicolas Cage

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In its announcement, Max highlighted several of the new and upcoming A24 movies that will arrive on the streaming service once their theatrical run is over. 

Below is the full list that they highlighted. Keep in mind this is not a comprehensive list, as this deal covers several years of upcoming movies that have yet to be announced.

  • Priscilla
  • Dream Scenario
  • The Zone of Interest
  • The Iron Claw
  • Dicks: The Musical
  • Stop Making Sense
  • Love Lies Bleeding

Besides these new releases, A24 currently has a deep roster of movies that have come out since the company’s first film: A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III by Roman Coppola. Max says that at least the following films will be coming to the streaming service, though it notes that films are potentially subject to change. 

  • Everything Everywhere All at Once
  • Uncut Gems
  • The Whale
  • Past Lives

Again, this is just a short list of the 100-plus A24 films that will eventually land on Max. Just keep in mind that this is a pay-1 window deal, which means that not every old release is guaranteed to come to Max, nor will every new release remain on Max indefinitely. Still, getting a significant portion of A24’s roster is a major win for Max subscribers. 

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