5 best spring cleaning hacks from a professional cleaner

Spring cleaning tools with tulips
Spring cleaning tools with tulips (Image credit: Shutterstock)

Spring is here, and it’s the perfect time to refresh your rooms, and declutter your home. And if mastering how to clean every room  isn’t exactly your favorite task, these spring cleaning hacks, according to a professional cleaner, should help ease the process.

More often, we stick to the same routine, cleaning tools, and even products to tackle our weekly chores. But according to Lynsey Crombie, aka the Queen of Clean, you can save valuable time with these savvy, cleaning hacks. In fact, she has devised a 15-minute cleaning method guaranteed to quickly get your home spotless. So if you want to know more tips and tricks to cut your cleaning time in half, check out these five top spring cleaning hacks from the Queen of Clean.

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1. Set your timer for 5-minute slots 

An alarm clock showing the time on a chair with two people cleaning a kitchen in the background

An alarm clock showing the time on a chair with two people cleaning a kitchen in the background (Image credit: Shutterstock)

If you don’t have time for a full-day of housework, a top tip is to tackle your spring cleaning in 5-minute chunks. 

According to the Queen of Clean, you should do 5 minutes of cleaning in at least three rooms, at one time. Otherwise known as her 15-minute cleaning method, the idea is to do this twice a day, to keep things clean and manageable. 

“Just 15 minutes of housework. Do one chunk in the morning and one in the evening, and you will find this will really keep you on top.”

2. Leave your bathroom cleaner on for 10 minutes 

Cleaning bathtub with a soft cloth

Cleaning bathtub with a soft cloth (Image credit: Shutterstock)

One common bathroom cleaning mistake we tend to make is not allowing our bathroom cleaner to settle. Instead, we generously spray our bathtub, sink or surfaces before immediately scrubbing away.

But professional cleaning experts suggest we let the solution settle on the surface for at least 10 minutes, to make scrubbing easier."Leave the product to work for 10 minutes whilst you get on with some other jobs,” suggests the Queen of Clean, “Those 10 minutes will make a real difference when it comes to rinsing off. The germs will be gone and the bathroom will be shining. I tend to spray the product and use the time to get dressed or tidy up the bedroom.”

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3. Get rid of mirror streaks with white vinegar 

A mirror being cleaned with a spray and cloth

A mirror being cleaned with a spray and cloth (Image credit: Shutterstock)

It’s always unsightly to see stubborn streaks left on a mirror, but white vinegar will instantly get it spotless. Simply spray over the mirror before wiping clean with a microfibre cloth. “Fold your cloth in quarters, wipe the mirror from top to bottom using an S-shape motion,” suggests the Queen of Clean, “Then fold your cloth over to use a clean/dry quarter, and wipe again to buff.”

Another cleaning hack she suggests is using foaming shaving cream on a fogged-up mirror after a shower. Simply leave on for 30 seconds before buffing off with a dry microfiber cloth until completely spotless. 

If you want more tips, check out how to clean a mirror without leaving streaks. And if you want to know more about the powers of white vinegar, check out what makes baking soda and vinegar so good at cleaning, just be sure to avoid these 7 things you should never clean with white vinegar

4. Try a lint roller to clean lampshades

Floor lamps by sofa

Floor lamps by sofa (Image credit: Shutterstock)

If you have linen, woven, or any other delicate lampshades around your home, it can be tricky to clean without ruining the fabric. Luckily, there is a quick way to remove dust build-up and grime without meticulous cleaning skills. 

Simply use a lint roller to gently swipe your lampshades, and the dust or debris will be gone in seconds. What’s more, you don't even have to take off the shade to give it a few swipes. 

Lint rollers are also handy for removing pet hair, cleaning upholstery, couch, car mats, inside pockets, and even the edges of your floor. 

5. Use an old sock to clean window blinds 

Window blinds in bedroom

Window blinds in bedroom (Image credit: Shutterstock)

If you don’t have a dust cloth at hand, you can recycle old socks to clean dusty window blinds in no time. Simply slip a sock over your hand, like a mitten, and wipe down the surfaces. In fact, old socks work well for attracting dust since they generate a good amount of static.

“Recycle and use a dry sock to clean dusty blinds in no time,” recommends the Queen of Clean, “Simply run your hand over each slot. When you’re done, pop the sock or dusting gloves in the washing machine. Try to never apply water as it can cause unsightly water marks.”

There are specific tools you can buy to make this chore a little easier. These tend to dust multiple blinds at once and give you greater reach in the process too. An example of this would be the SetSail Blind Duster ($7.49, Amazon). With one of these, you could technically clean the blinds twice as fast, with better results to show for it.

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