How to use Shazam on Apple Watch

Apple Watch Siri what song is playing
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As an everyday Apple Watch wearer, I’m always searching for tricks and hidden features to make the best smartwatch even better. Some of my discoveries are more useful than others — I would say this one lands somewhere between practical and fun.

You might’ve heard of Shazam, an app that can identify songs playing out loud. Say you’re at a restaurant or bar and hear a tune you want to save for later, but don’t want to bug the server or bartender for the playlist information. When you open the Shazam app on your smartphone (iPhone, Android), it’ll listen for a few seconds and scan the Shazam database for a match.

But did you know that Shazam is also one of the best Apple Watch apps? Although I use Shazam on my iPhone often, I hadn’t tried using it on my Apple Watch until recently. It’s definitely quicker to use when my phone is out of reach. The best part is that there’s functionality with Siri, too.

If you know how to use the Apple Watch (and specifically how to install and delete Apple Watch apps,) getting Shazam on your Apple Watch is a breeze. You’ll first want to download Shazam, one of the best music recognition apps, on your iPhone. If you have automatic downloads enabled, Shazam should automatically appear in your Apple Watch’s app library. You can also use the App Store on your Apple Watch to download Shazam.

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How to use Shazam on your Apple Watch

1. Open Shazam on your Apple Watch. You should see the Shazam icon in the grid view or the app name in the list view. 

Apple Watch apps grid view Shazam

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2. Click the blue button with the Shazam icon. You should see an orange microphone icon appear next to the time, indicating your Apple Watch is listening. 

Apple Watch shazam app

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3. See the song name and artist. Shazam will also show the album artwork, if it’s available. You could also be prompted to play the entire song in Apple Music.

Apple Watch shazam song label

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“Siri, what song is playing?”

You can also use Siri to identify a song playing out loud. Press your Apple Watch’s digital crown and ask, “What song is playing?” Siri will listen and name the song it identifies.

Now you know how to use Shazam on your Apple Watch and how to ask Siri to find a song for you. Be sure to check out the best Apple Watch deals and our guide to choosing the best Apple Watch for you if you're in the market for a new smartwatch.

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