These secret Netflix shortcuts are perfect for laptop streaming sessions

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Knowing how to use keyboard shortcuts on Netflix is the perfect trick for laptop streamers.

Whether you use one of the best Windows laptops or one of the best MacBooks to binge the best Netflix shows, you'll be glad to know that the browser version of Netflix supports a bunch of handy shortcuts, such as the ability to pause/resume using the space bar.

Though this doesn't sound too exciting, trust us on this; these shortcuts could make your streaming sessions just a tad more enjoyable, leaving you more time to enjoy your movie or show without having to fiddle about with the mouse.

So, snacks and comfy loungewear on standby, here's how to use keyboard shortcuts on Netflix.

How to use keyboard shortcuts on Netflix

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Using keyboard shortcuts on Netflix is similar to using them on your favorite media player, such as VLC. The shortcuts work on both the browser version of Netflix and in the Windows app.

Here's each Netflix keyboard shortcut and what it does:

  • Enter key/space bar - Play/pause
  • F key - Toggle full screen mode
  • Esc - Exit full screen mode
  • Left arrow key - Rewind 10 seconds
  • Right arrow key - Skip ahead 10 seconds
  • Up arrow - Increase the volume
  • Down arrow - Decrease the volume
  • M key - Mute the audio
  • S key - Skip the intro

And that's all there is to it. Enjoy your enhanced Netflix experience.

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