How to take a screenshot on the Steam Deck

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Knowing how to take a screenshot on the Steam Deck is something you may not need that often. When you need to screenshot something, though, you often have to move fast. Awesome moments don't last long during fast-paced gaming, so you've got to have the knowledge of how to take a screen capture quick at hand. 

Thankfully, on the Steam Deck, it's easy to take a screenshot. That doesn't mean it's obvious, however: unlike a full sized gaming PC there isn't a keyboard with dedicated screen capture keys. 

You'll be prompted about how to take a screenshot early on after first powering up your Steam Deck. It's easy to forget these instructions, though, and if you're anything like me, you probably completely ignored them as you were so excited to start poking around the settings and downloading games.

If any of that applies you, and you need a little refresher on how to take a screenshot on the Steam Deck, then read on. We'll show you how to take a screenshot and then how to access your screenshots afterward.

How to take a screenshot on the Steam Deck (and find it afterwards)

  1. Press Steam + R1 to capture screen
  2. Press Steam
  3. Select Media and navigate to All
  4. Find your screenshot

Read on to see more detailed instructions for each step.

1. Press the Steam button + R1 simultaneously to capture a screenshot.

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2. Check for a banner appearing in the bottom right saying "Screenshot Taken" (in my experience, I don't catch the buttons perfectly every time — this lets you know you have).

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3. To find your image, press Steam, then select Media from the Steam menu on the left. 

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4. If you've just taken the screenshot, it'll probably appear in the Recent menu. To find all your screenshots, press R1 to navigate to All and find your screenshot.

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