This iPhone 14 Pro always-on display trick makes it much less distracting

A photo of an iPhone 14 Pro with a black and white always-on display
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The iPhone 14 Pro is still very new, so we wouldn't be surprised if you don't know how to make the iPhone 14 Pro's always-on display black and white.

Apple finally added an always-on display to its Pro iPhones this year, but rather than the traditional Android-style display that's just a plain clock or other widgets in black and white, the iPhone shows you a dimmed and desaturated version of your lock screen. A prettier solution, sure. But also distracting in comparison. So what if you wanted something a little les intrusive?

You could always turn off the AOD, but there's actually an alternative method, using Focus modes, that gives you a much more subtle display, showing only your chosen widgets in black and white. We can show you by following the steps below.

How to make iPhone 14 Pro's always-on display black and white

1. Open the Settings app, then tap Focus. 

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2. Here, select a Focus mode you want to enable the black and white AOD in. Use an existing Focus mode, or create a new one. Read our how to use Focus in iOS guide if you need some more help here.

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3. With your Focus mode of choice selected, select Options, just below your allowed People and Apps.

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4. Now toggle Dim Lock Screen on.

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5. Now, with your Focus mode enabled, lock your iPhone 14 Pro. Instead of your full lock screen appearing on the AOD, you'll now just have your chosen clock and widgets appear in white on a black background. And that's it!

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While this feature is a surprisingly effective workaround, the limitation is you'll have to stay in a Focus mode at all times. You may want to set up a new default Focus that changes nothing about your phone's behavior other than dimming the lock screen.

Also, dimming the lock screen means even if you wake up the phone from its AOD mode, your lock screen wallpaper will still be blurred. It's an annoying price to pay, but if you like having an abstract wallpaper anyway, perhaps you won't mind too much.

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