I tossed all of my bristle grill brushes for the Scrub Daddy BBQ Grill Brush — here’s why

BBQ Daddy Grill Brush used to clean grill.
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During the first summer at my home, I finally had the opportunity to use a backyard grill for all the family outings and holiday events I couldn’t experience living in an apartment. While I was stoked about the cooking, I didn’t anticipate all the mess left after it. I went through two different grill brushes last summer, but I think I’ve finally found the perfect one.

You might already be familiar with Scrub Daddy’s line of tough sponges for kitchen messes, but the company that got its big break on ABC’s Shark Tank recently launched the BBQ Daddy Grill Brush to tackle the stuck-on bits for your grill. I’ve been using it ever since I pulled out my grills out of hibernation for the season, and I can tell you that it’s the best grill brush I’ve used. Best of all, it fetches for under $30.

BBQ Daddy Grill Brush: was $29 now $24 @ Home Depot

BBQ Daddy Grill Brush: was $29 now $24 @ Home Depot
Always make contact with your grill grates with Scrub Daddy's new BBQ Daddy Grill Brush. With its ability to stay firm for hard messes, then soften to get in between grates, it's the perfect grilling accessory for the summer.

What makes it different from other grill brushes I’ve used is that it doesn’t have metal bristles to clean out the hard-to-remove stuff from my grilling grates. Instead, it features a heat-resistant ArmorTec Steel mesh with interwoven stainless steel fiber, which I’ve found to better make contact with my grates as I’m scrubbing. But what really makes it awesome is how the unique brush head can go from being firm to soft.

That’s because when I dip it into cold water, it stiffens up to help me better scrub off those irritating stuck-on burned foods off the grates — and as the heat from the grill heats up the brush head — it gets softer to get in between the grates. The problem with grill brushes with metal bristles is that they become frayed over time, and as a result, they lose their ability to clean surfaces. Oftentimes they struggle to make contact with the grates, but that’s not a problem with the BBQ Daddy Grill Brush.

I also love how the knob can rotate to give me leverage cleaning both the top and bottom sides of my grilling grates. And lastly, cleaning the brush head is a breeze because it comes off and can be tossed into the top rack of my dishwasher — which makes me feel more confident it’s clean each time, unlike my traditional bristled brush.

If you’re planning to do a lot of grilling this summer, you’ll appreciate how quick and easy it is to clean your grates with the BBQ Daddy Grill Brush.

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