YouTube TV multiview just got a massive upgrade in time for March Madness

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YouTube TV, in my humble opinion, is the best way for cord-cutters to watch March Madness. The big reason why is that the cable alternative has multiview — a feature that allows you to watch up to four games at once. That ensures you don't miss even a single second of the action.

There's just one catch. Multiview only works on your TV. Or, at least, that used to be the case. Because now it seems multiview is going mobile.

According to Cord Cutter News, YouTube TV users are reporting that they can now use multiview on their phones. Specifically, their iPhones. It seems for now that this expansion of multiview is limited to iPhones and iPads, which Google confirmed to 9to5Google since users started discovering the feature upgrade. YouTube TV has also confirmed via Reddit that the feature will be rolling out to Android users "in the coming months."

YouTube TV has expanded multiview in big ways this year so far

March Madness games on YouTube TV using multiview

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This expansion of multiview to mobile devices marks another big upgrade for sports fans who rely on YouTube TV. Earlier this year, the live TV service upgraded multiview by adding a build feature that allows you to create custom multiviews rather than relying on multiviews curated by YouTube TV, which is how the feature had previously worked.

I have tested the build feature and can confirm that while it's not a massive upgrade, it's simply the better way to do things. I'm honestly surprised that it wasn't always this way.

This expansion of multiview also closes a feature gap with a major competitor. Earlier in the year, Apple announced that it was bringing multiview to iPads — though not iPhones — for MLS Season Pass subscribers watching on its Apple TV platform. That seemed like a major advantage for Apple TV over YouTube TV. Now though, that gap has not only closed, but YouTube TV has one-uped its competitor in Cupertino.

If you log on to YouTube TV on your iPhone and don't see multiview as an option don't panic yet. I just tried to test the feature on my iPhone 14 Pro and was unable to see multiview as an option, so it seems the upgrade is still rolling out to users. 

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