'The Boys' season 4 just dropped on Prime Video — and it already packs a punch

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Prime Video has just dropped the first three episodes of “The Boys” season 4, and there is already so much excitement. Known for its unapologetically gritty and satirical take on the superhero genre, “The Boys” continues to push boundaries and challenge norms. This new season wastes no time in delivering its signature blend of intense action, dark humor, and sharp social commentary.

Of course, fans of this series know it doesn’t hold back. The opening episodes set the stage for what promises to be another wild and unpredictable ride. Viewers are treated to a host of new challenges and conflicts, with the stakes higher than ever before. 

And it’s no surprise that critical reception has been positive, with many praising the show for its “engaging performances” and “ability to leave the viewer wanting more.”

So, is this new season of “The Boys” worth watching? We provide some spoiler-free reviews to help you determine whether it should be next on your list.

‘The Boys’ continues to be bloody, visceral, and hard-hitting

Prime Video, one of the best streaming services, continues to deliver exceptional shows that have completely stunned audiences. “Fallout” and “Outer Range” have been some examples, and now season 4 of “The Boys” has completely taken over. Currently, it has a high score of 86% on Rotten Tomatoes with almost 50 reviews from critics. 

Bob Strauss from TheWrap said: “Showrunner Eric Kripke’s creative team gives the expected stuff fresh, urgent spins, even if they can’t prevent some plot beats from seeming familiar. What’s key, though, is how we’re constantly surprised by new, deeper emotional dimensions.” Meanwhile, the London Evening Standard’s Maddy Mussen says “there are some amazing lines, and this may be the funniest season yet. It might feel a little repetitive at times, but ultimately it’s so entertaining, you just forget about it.”

Liz Shannon Miller from Consequence also believes “The Boys” is managing to maintain its uniqueness in the genre: “The Boys has evolved into a show remarkably well-positioned to comment not just on pop culture, but on society at large.”

While the reviews are very positive, there have been concerns about this season. Empire Magazine’s Amon Warmann said: “There is a question of how long The Boys can keep its main players on the board without things becoming tiresome or worse, unfeasible. But for now, with storytelling this balanced and considered, it’s a pleasure to watch it all play out.”

This will be a piece of cake

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From what we can gather, “The Boys” season 4 continues to be one hell of a ride. It’s “as outrageous as ever”, meaning you’re still getting the full bloody experience when going into this world. Parts of the official synopsis highlight interesting plot points like “the world is on the brink” and “the stakes are higher than ever.” So, all we can say is be prepared, because it’s obvious this series doesn’t hold back. 

If you do need a quick recap of season 3, I can provide that, but be warned that it will contain spoilers

At the end of "The Boys" season 3, significant events unfold: Homelander (Anthony Starr) publicly introduces his son Ryan (Cameron Crovetti), who starts to embrace his father's violent tendencies after they kill a protester together. Billy Butcher (Karl Urban) learns he has only months to live due to his use of Temp V. 

The Boys regroup, with Annie (Erin Moriarty) officially joining the team. Victoria Neuman (Claudia Doumit) is appointed as the Vice President running mate, increasing her political power and posing a new threat. These developments set the stage for intense conflicts in season 4.

Jack Quaid and Erin Moriarty in The Boys season 4

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Although the reviews are very good at the moment, they can change. Previous seasons of “The Boys” all earned an exceptional amount of praise, so let’s hope that continues into season 4. Plus, it was announced on X (Twitter) that season 5 will be the last, meaning there is plenty of time to wrap things up in the universe and truly go out with a bang.

The first three episodes of "The Boys" season 4 are now streaming on Prime Video, with the following episodes set to release weekly. 

Watching this show for the first time? You can also stream the first three seasons on Prime Video. Just make sure to prepare yourself for some intense, disturbing, and absolutely wacky fighting sequences. This is a dark superhero series after all.

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