Critics are shocked by Nicolas Cage’s new horror movie — and it's 100% on Rotten Tomatoes

Maika Monroe in Longlegs movie (2024)
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It seems as though 2024 is the year for horror movies, and as someone who loves this genre, I’m not complaining. “A Quiet Place: Day One” is set to release in theaters at the end of June, and then we have the highly anticipated “Alien: Romulus” in August. However, there is one movie that isn’t being talked about enough: “Longlegs”.  

Nicolas Cage, the lead antagonist in this horror movie, has long been a versatile star in Hollywood, going between a wide variety of genres and roles throughout his career. His latest venture into the horror genre with "Longlegs" has left critics absolutely speechless.

Directed by acclaimed filmmaker Oz Perkins, "Longlegs" has not only shocked and disturbed critics but has also achieved the rare feat of scoring a perfect rating on Rotten Tomatoes. This unexpected achievement has set the stage for what many are already calling the scariest and most unsettling movie of the decade.

As anticipation builds and us horror fans eagerly await its release, "Longlegs" promises to deliver a chilling and unforgettable cinematic experience. But what are critics actually saying about it?

What is ‘Longlegs’ about?

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The marketing for “Longlegs” has been incredibly impressive, with distributor Neon revealing little information about what the movie is actually about. Of course, we have a basic synopsis, but that’s essentially all we get alongside a terrifying trailer. 

The synopsis reads: “FBI Agent Lee Harker is assigned to an unsolved serial killer case that takes an unexpected turn, revealing evidence of the occult. Harker discovers a personal connection to the killer and must stop him before he strikes again.” 

Maika Monroe will play as Lee Harker, a determined woman who wants to get to the bottom of the killings before another innocent family is destroyed. Nicolas Cage assumes the role of the killer who goes by Longlegs, and it’s even more unsettling that we don’t really see him in the trailer. The movie seems to mainly focus on families who are targeted by Cage’s character, an occult killer. Again, there isn’t much else to say about the plot, which only adds to the creepy mystery.

‘Longlegs’ reviews — why the critics are so shocked

What makes this upcoming horror movie stand out is its 100% score on Rotten Tomatoes. Yes, just weeks before its release, it’s already managed to grab that perfect rating. And although it comes from just nine reviews, the critics are saying some pretty incredible things about the movie. 

Meagan Navarro from Bloody Disgusting said: “Longlegs gets under your skin and stays there, immersing you so thoroughly in the repulsive, discomforting nature of evil through terrifying imagery and a tactile atmosphere that it’s unshakable.” Meanwhile, Kate Rife from IGN movies said: “There are moments when Longlegs feels like a movie you’ve seen before, but with an evil filter laid over it: This is both a weakness and a strength, as Perkins’ horror surrealism renders the familiar strange, and the strange familiar.” 

Not only that, but this movie has been called the “scariest film of the decade” by Flickering Myth’s EJ Moreno and “the most terrifying horror movie of 2024” by Slashfilm’s Bill Bria.

And I have to add this review by Fresh Fiction’s Courtney Howard just for the description alone: “It’s as if Oz Perkins' cinematic freak-fest was forged in Hell by Satan, who brought it as an artifact into our world as a gift.”  

When does ‘Longlegs’ come out?

Maika Monroe in Longlegs movie (2024)

(Image credit: Neon)

“Longlegs” will be released in theaters on July 12. This means you have under a month to wait until you experience true horror on the big screen. It’s unknown whether there will be another trailer, but for the sake of the mystery, let's hope that Neon keeps up the unsettling marketing.

If you’re a horror fan and need something to keep you entertained while you wait, check out the best horror movies on Netflix. Or, take a trip to the theater on June 18 when “X” gets re-released on the big screen to celebrate the upcoming sequel “MaXXXine”. 

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