Score Kasa's smart dimmer switch on Amazon for just $49 right now

Kasa Smart Motion Sensor Light Switch
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The best smart lights brighten up your home and streamline your control over it to help you save money. Replacing the light control panel on your wall with a smart light switch is one of the easiest ways to add smart controls to a room. This adds app and voice control to your existing setup without having to fiddle around with individual bulbs. Plus you don't have to worry about bulbs going offline if someone manually flips the power switch.

Right now, a two-pack of Kasa's Smart Motion-Activated Wi-Fi Dimmer Switch is on sale for $49 at Amazon (30% off). That means each switch is just under $25 which works out way cheaper than the cost of outfitting a room with individual smart bulbs. Keep in mind that it requires a neutral wire for installation (common in most homes built since 1987).

Kasa Smart Motion-Activated Wi-Fi Dimmer Switch: was $69 now $49 @ Amazon

Kasa Smart Motion-Activated Wi-Fi Dimmer Switch: was $69 now $49 @ Amazon
This device connects to your room's existing lighting system so you don't have to deal with individual bulbs. It's the ideal choice for high-traffic spaces with several overhead lights like the living room, hallway, or bathroom. You can automate the lights to turn on and off on their own or remotely access and control your setup manually.

Kasa's smart light switch stands out for its emphasis on automation. Its built-in motion detector automatically turns on the lights when motion is detected and turns them off after a preset time to save energy. The detector covers up to 650 square feet and can sense movement from up to 25 feet away. There's also an ambient light sensor that prevents lights from turning on during the day. 

You can connect the switch to the Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or Samsung SmartThings smart home platforms. Dive into the standalone Kasa app and you'll find the smart light controls you'd expect like remote access from anywhere, advanced scheduling, and adjustable dimness levels. The app's Away Mode will turn your lights on and off throughout the day while you're out to help bolster your home security by making your home appear occupied. This two-pack is a slick deal for the amount of features you get for the price.

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