One of my favorite electric scooters is 40% off in this early Black Friday sale

Unagi Model One shown in park
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It's time to scoot on down for one of the best Black Friday deals on one of the best electric scooters, which cuts the price of a top model nearly in half.

Right now, the Unagi Model One 500 is just $589 at Amazon. That's $400 — or 40% off — its regular price of $990, making it one of the best deals we've ever seen on one of the best electric scooters

Unagi Model One 500: $990 $589 @ Amazon

Unagi Model One 500: $990 $589 @ Amazon
The Unagi Model One 500 has two 250-Watt motors (one in each wheel) which helps it get up and down hills with ease. It has an advertised range of 15 miles, and can reach a top speed of 20 MPH. In addition, it weighs just 27 pounds, making it very easy to carry. You can get the scooter in either blue or white with this deal.

For a good long while, the Unagi Model One was at the very top of our list of the best electric scooters for his power and portability. (Even now, it sits in the #2 slot). The Unagi's carbon-fiber chassis makes it lighter than almost every other scooter, but its dual 250-Watt motors meant it had enough power to get us up hills.

Plus, the thing just looks cool. Almost all of the scooter's wires are hidden, which makes for a sleek look, and it has a very simple but effective latching mechanism, so folding and unfolding it is a breeze. The biggest knock we had in our Unagi Model One review is that its rubber tires — which are puncture-proof — make for a rougher ride on bumpier roads. 

But, all this power and portability comes at a cost. The Unagi Model One typically costs $990, which is a lot to drop, especially when times are tight. However, this Black Friday deal reduces the price to $589, which makes it a lot more attractive.  

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