Double your Xbox Series X storage with this Black Friday deal — now lowest ever price

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Storage on your Xbox doesn’t go very far, especially if you still have an original 512GB Xbox Series S. While gamers have had the option to expand and increase their console storage, it’s always been very costly. But finally, more than 3 years after launch, the price of Xbox expansion cards is sinking to new lows.

Right now you can pick up a 1TB Seagate Xbox Expansion Card for $129 at Amazon. That’s the lowest ever price for the 1TB drive, and it means you can double the storage on your Xbox console — no matter which version you happen to own. And if 1TB isn't enough, the 2TB Seagate Expansion Card is also on sale for $229 at Amazon.

Seagate 1TB Xbox Expansion Card: was $149 now $129 @ Amazon

Seagate 1TB Xbox Expansion Card: was $149 now $129 @ Amazon
Double, or maybe even triple your Xbox storage with Seagate's 1TB expansion card for Xbox Series X and S — now at its lowest ever price. Officially this is supposed to cost $220, but it's been sitting at $149 for the past six months. Thankfully Black Friday has seen the price drop even further, to its lowest ever price.

Seagate 2TB Xbox Expansion Card: was $279 now $229 @ Amazon

Seagate 2TB Xbox Expansion Card: was $279 now $229 @ Amazon
Seagate has the only 2TB Xbox expansion card available right now, and it's normally pretty expensive. Thankfully it's also on sale on Amazon's Black Friday sale, dropping down to $229 — only $100 more than the 1TB option and also it's lowest ever price.

Unlike the PS5, which requires removing the console’s faceplates and the use of a screwdriver for storage upgrades, the Xbox's expansion card system is a lot simpler. All you have to do is plug it into the expansion port at the back of your console, and the Xbox will take over from there. 

The best part is that these drives offer equivalent performance to the Xbox’s internal SSD, allowing you to store and play next-gen titles directly from the Expansion Card. External drives connected via USB are only fast enough to play games from Xbox One and older consoles — which isn’t ideal.

Unfortunately expanding storage on the Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X has never been as convenient as it is with the PS5. While Sony’s console uses a standard SSD interface, allowing lots of competition and increasingly low prices, Microsoft opted for a proprietary connection. Initially Seagate was the only company that offered these drives, which meant the prices never fluctuated more than a few dollars.

But since the competition has improved, and the launch of a competing expansion card from WD_Black, we’ve seen a huge drop in prices over the course of this year. Culminating in the Seagate Expansion Card dropping to an all-time low of $129. The WD_Black 1TB expansion card is currently $124 in Amazon’s Black Friday sale.

So if you’ve been running out of space on your Xbox, or are tired of having to manage your storage quite so vigorously, this is one Black Friday gaming deal you shouldn’t miss out on.

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