Act fast! My favorite keyboard ever is $20 off at Amazon — it's a mini marvel

Logitech MX Keys Mini Keyboard
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Full disclosure: I’ve been playing some of the best PC games over the past two decades, and I have a shameful secret to reveal. I’ve probably played less than a dozen of them using a mouse or keyboard. Look, I’m just a gamepad guy, alright? Even If I don’t use traditional PC peripherals in my downtime all that much, you can bet your last buck I use a keyboard for work every day that I’m super into. 

Right now, the Logitech MX Keys Mini Minimalist Wireless Illuminated Keyboard is on sale for $76 at Amazon. That’s a sumptuous saving when you consider this cute and ultra portable board normally retails for $99. So why not treat yourselves to a couple of cocktails — providing you’re of legal drinking age, of course — with those extra 22 notes the next time you decide to paint the town red.

Logitech MX Keys Mini:was $99 now $76 @ Amazon

Logitech MX Keys Mini: was $99 now $76 @ Amazon
Logitech's wireless membrane keyboard can connect to MacBooks, iPads and Windows PCs over Bluetooth. With backlighting enabled, it can go at full power for 10 days without needing to be charged. The MX Keys Mini has customizable Fn-row keys, and it can be paired with three separate devices over Bluetooth at any one time. 

What I really love about the Logitech MX Keys Mini is its sheer portability. Having the tiny hands of a Hobbit, I appreciate the fact I can pick it up and pair it with various pieces of tech scattered around my home knowing there’s no need to worry about cables or wireless dongles thanks to the MX Keys’ Bluetooth features that make connecting it to my gizmos a breeze. 

Not only do I use this small and snappy membrane keyboard on my main work PC, I also pair it with my iPad Pro 2021 (12.9-inch) and even regularly use it for those dreaded times when I have to delve into my beloved Steam Deck OLED’s cumbersome Desktop mode to fiddle with files and mods. PSA, folks: Don’t try to engage with Valve’s handheld gaming PC without a reliable Bluetooth keyboard and mouse. It’s a soul-shredding exercise in pain. The fact I can switch between my devices in a flash thanks to three dedicated Bluetooth pairing buttons is a godsend. 

Also, screw you Steam Deck Desktop mode.  

I also appreciate that I rarely have to recharge the MX Keys Mini, as Logi’s little peripheral will last for a full ten days between charges or a mightily impressive five actual months before you need to juice it up again if you disable its LED backlighting. 

As someone who routinely drags his hideously heavy rig through to his living room every night so that he can replay Horizon Forbidden West on of the best gaming PCs, I appreciate just how light this ultra portable mouse is (it clocks in at just over 1.1 pounds). For context, my rig weighs 65 actual pounds — yes, I actually ruined my knees balancing them on my scales last week. Bring forth your judgement. In that regard, every pound I can shed during this back-breaking routine is very much welcome.

So if you’re looking for a super portable Bluetooth keyboard that is perfect for commutes and idiot-proof to pair, I’d get in on this deal lickety-split. Logitech’s MX Keys may be Mini, but hoo-boy do I ever consider it mighty. 

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