Forget the Humane AI Pin — this new AI pendant from Limitless actually looks useful

Limitless pendant
(Image credit: Limitless)

From the recently launched Humane AI Pin to the upcoming rabbit r1, AI-powered gadgets and wearables seem to be all the rage right now. However, while the Humane AI Pin stumbled out of the gate and the jury is still out on the rabbit r1, a new contender is entering the ring.

The Limitless Pendant is a brand new, AI-powered wearable that wants to do things a bit differently. Instead of trying to replace your smartphone like the Humane AI Pin, it’s more of an accessory designed to make video calls and in-person meetings easier to remember.

The device itself can either be clipped onto your shirt or worn around your neck like a necklace. Once turned on, the Limitless Pendant records everything you hear and then uses AI to transcribe conversations so that you can remember them later. However, Limitless takes things a step further by suggesting action items for your to-do list based on what was discussed during a meeting.

In the announcement video, it’s clear that Limitless thought a lot about privacy while designing its new AI wearable. Not only is your data anonymized and stored securely in the cloud, but you also need to get consent from others in your meetings before the Pendant can record their end of a conversation.

Price is another way in which Limitless is setting its Pendant apart from the competition. It starts at $99 during the preorder period, and while there is a subscription, there’s also a free tier that provides 10 hours of AI features per month along with unlimited audio storage. The $19 per month Pro plan removes this limit on AI features, and just like with audio storage, those are unlimited, too.The Limitless Pendant also comes in a number of different colors, from black to forest green to hot pink, so that it can blend in with your own personal style.

In terms of specs, the device has a 100-hour battery life and comes equipped with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. It’s also waterproof, and you can charge it via USB-C. The Limitless Pendant is also built from aluminum and is just 1.25 inches across and 0.62 inches thick.

An AI wearable you might actually use

Limitless Pendant in a variety of colors

(Image credit: Limitless)

The Limitless Pin was just announced today (April 15) and will begin shipping this August, but in my opinion, it really seems like a much more useful gadget than some of the AI-powered devices we’ve seen so far.

Paying attention during meetings is hard enough as it is with so much else going on in the background. With the Limitless Pendant though, you can be fully present during a meeting without having to worry about taking notes or adding things to your to do list.

Likewise, the fact that there’s also a web app along with Mac and Windows software to go alongside the device seems promising, too. It’s one thing to have a device record all your conversations, but in order to be truly useful, you need to be able to access this data across devices when you need it most.

Another great thing about the Limitless Pendant is that it works with all of your existing tools and software. Unlike with add-ons for video calls where you need to use a particular app or program, you’ll be able to use this device with Zoom, Google Meet, Slack and probably most other video chat apps without having to install anything; you also won’t need to get approval from your company’s IT department first.

We plan on going hands-on with the Limitless Pin once it’s available, but based on what I’ve heard so far, it could certainly give the Humane AI Pin and the rabbit r1 a run for their money.

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