10 Best Calendar Apps

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  • Jorte.. Not pretty? Seriously......! Are you blind? Jorte is one of the most attractive calendars that I've come across in Android. Also it has it's own cloud sync and site apart from Google sync!
  • calprint is good as well
  • I like the default Calendar app which comes with Android
  • Another Android calendar app that should be looked at is Map Day. It is not going to replace any of the apps above, as it is not a traditional calendar app. Instead it lets you see how your day will look on a map. Check it out: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.praxical.mapday . You can get directions, estimated travel time, and whether you should expect to be late or early.
  • If looking for a customizable calendar, try CustomCalc, totally customizable. Get in on Google Play. www.customcalc.com
  • Checkout ZeeCal on AppStore and Android, you can create events with anyone using their mobile number. It just works with any device including feature phones! checkout their short video at http://tiny.cc/ZVideo Email based calendaring, works very well when all are on the same email system, simply does not work in social settings.. Either I don't have the correct email or the person at the other end does not use calendar on their phone/computer. Scribbles on wall calendar and sticky notes on refrigerator doors attests to the above..ZeeCal not only makes creating events easy, makes consumption as easy as do nothing!
  • Any suggestions on Windows calendars?