Mio Fuse Fitness Tracker Wants to Win Your Heart (Rate)

In a sea of fitness tracking devices, it's not easy to stand out. Mio is positioning its latest smartband as the most accurate heart rate monitoring wrist accessory without a chest strap. The Mio Fuse is coming by the holiday season for $180.

Mio's Fuse uses optical heart rate monitoring technology that it claims is EKG-accurate. Competing fitness trackers, such as the Withings Pulse O2, the Basis Carbon Steel and the Samsung Gear Fit, all feature an optical-based heart rate sensor to track your pulse without a chest strap. 

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The Fuse also carries an accelerometer to provide step count, distance traveled, pace and calories burned. The tracked data is sent to a companion device via Bluetooth Smart 4.0. Mio has its own GO app for iOS and Android, but the data it collects can be used with third-party apps as well.

You can use the Fuse in two modes -- all day and workout -- to track your activity. The band is also water resistant so you don't have to worry about rain or sweat ruining your tracker. There's no word yet on battery life.

Apple's rumored iWatch, which may arrive this fall, is expected to measure your heart rate and a bunch of other data via a plethora of sensors. But those looking for a more focused device may find the Fuse a fine (if pricey) fitness companion.

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  • timf79
    The big difference between the MIO devices (so far) and the other devices is the technology used for the HR measurement at the arm. The MIO devices allow usage during exercise (like running) while the Basis for example can NOT track your HR while you are working out.