Google Maps iOS App Downloaded 10 Million Times in 2 Days

Google has announced that its Maps app that was recently released on iOS after Apple's removal of the native app through iOS 6 has been downloaded more than 10 million times in the space of 2 days.

Google Senior Vice President of Commerce and Local Jeff Huber confirmed the milestone on his Google+ page, where he congratulated the Maps Team on the app launch, as well as the seven-plus years of work they've put into maps on devices powered by iOS.

Following its release last week, the Google Maps app climbed to number one on iTunes free app charts, where it has remained for the past five days.

Apple removed Google Maps on iOS through the mobile platform's latest version, but it was a bug-riddled, flawed mapping solution. CEO Tim Cook ultimately apologized to users for the app, which was even the subject of the firing of Apple's iOS chief.


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  • Anonymous
    Not as good as the IOS5 version. I find it less usable. Small fonts on street names you can hardly see. The red/yellow/green traffic lines are less thick. You can't choose a startup map. Yeah, it's better than Apple Maps, but not by much. Google had the opportunity to blow all other maps away, but they too fell short. Also, in landscape mode, 1/6 the screen is blocked on the search bar & directions bar. Not impressed!
  • andy5174
    10 million of iSheeps! ! !
  • DjEaZy
    ... emmm... still... it's good, better then the iOS6 maps... but... waze is more useful for me...