Facebook Discusses Importance of Mobile Presence

Social network leader, Facebook, has discussed the importance of their presence on mobile devices, with apps for movies, books and fitness being the key focus for 2013.

Facebook partner chief Dan Rose stressed that it can ultimately become the primary platform for discovering mobile apps, with iOS and Android boasting over a million apps on their respective stores.

According to ComScore, 23 percent of the time spent in mobile apps occurs on Facebook, with 86 percent of iOS devices having the Facebook app installed. The social network has 680 million monthly users accessing the website through a mobile device, with 70 percent from that figure returning to the service daily. For the first time since its inception, Facebook's mobile daily active users exceeded web DAUs during 2012's Q4.

"We have made it so if they integrate with Facebook -- 200,000 mobile apps are integrated -- they can share their experience on mobile apps in their News Feed," said Rose. "Our partners' job is to create great content. Our job is to honor that content. We are trying to find the right balance between delivering a great user experience and creating value for partners by sending traffic to them and honoring their content. We are a big source of traffic. We sent 180 million clicks to Apple and Google Play stores."

"Fitness is a little different, but it gives us a peek at the future. It's certainly mobile first, what you need for fitness to really work is to have your device with you," Rose said. "You can then share that with your friends.... Nike+ does this really well.... people can comment during a run and hear your friends cheering you on. Users can also learn about the routes that you ran, and perhaps they'd be interested in joining you for a workout in the future. New use-cases never possible before are being unlocked."

"We talk about 'mobile first' in 2012, but we want to be 'mobile best' in 2013. We want to create some mobile experiences that simply can't be done on the desktop." During 2012's fourth quarter, Facebook, which has emphasized that it won't create its own smartphone, said that mobile accounted for 23 percent of advertisement revenue, representing an increase from 14 percent during the third quarter.


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  • victorintelr
    Though some won't like it, Facebook is pretty powerful, it can even take down part of the internet as an articlestated few days ago. And to have those numbers is actually pretty impresive. Definitely ads are a great source for revenue (google, radio and tv, anyone?)
  • virtualban
    Facebook is in for the profits. Movies via facebook will either be paid for, in which case people will want to enjoy them fully (not mobile), or filled with ads.
    People with disposable income won't be watching movies on the go. Short clips maybe, but not whole movies.
    I predict failure here.
  • virtualban
    Fitness Facebook App: will automatically post an "I'm so ugly" picture or comment whenever you fail to match your routine goal.
    Will of course monitor the user in every way possible to determine it, (and also determine shopping habits).