Instagram-owner Facebook Launches Own Camera App

It wasn't that long ago that Facebook dropped some serious dough to buy the insanely popular photo-sharing site Instagram. In fact, it was just a little over a month ago. However, despite spending approximately one billion dollars on Instagram, Facebook today unveiled its own independent photo-sharing application for smartphone users.

Dubbed Facebook Camera, the application is designed to make capturing and sharing photos with your Facebook friends even easier than it is now. Of course, it wouldn't be a camera app if there wasn't also a bunch of different filters and editing tools to jazz up your pictures before uploading them to Facebook. There's also the ability to upload several pictures at once. This cuts out the hassle of having to upload snaps one-by-one or spend time moving your photos from your phone to your computer before uploading en masse.


Upon launch, users will see their phone's gallery of already captured photos as well as a feed of photos from their Facebook friends. From there they can browse through the feed of photos, capture a photo or choose photos to upload from the gallery. Speaking to Wired, Facebook's Dirk Stoop explained why the company decided to launch its own app after announcing plans to buy Instagram.

"The Instagram deal hasn’t closed yet,"  Stoop is quoted as saying. "I can’t say much, but we're committed to building Instagram independently. There's overlap in the functionality, but [Facebook Camera and Instagram] have very different personalities. I see these products as separate and serving slightly different purposes and audiences."

Facebook Camera is available for iPhone starting today. No news on an Android version (or a Windows Phone or BlackBerry version, for that matter), but we'll keep you posted.

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  • dark_knight33
    It's not enough that FB already has all of your data stored, now they need all of your pictures too? The class-action privacy lawsuit over this can't come fast enough IMO. But hey, with backdoor access to FB at least law enforcement is happy, right? :/
  • freggo
    What if the photos -taken in public- have strangers in them?
    Imagine someone is pictured in the background having lunch
    with a date that's not the current spouse...
    You may not have a right to privacy in public but getting your affair posted all over the internet thanks to a Facebook post, especially with a number of players experimenting with facial recognition, may be causing quite a few storms in the pot !
  • Anonymous
    Dont do anything stupid out there boys and girls...Facebook is watching you, even if you aren't a member.........