Facebook Rolls Out Free VoIP Calling to U.S. Android Users

Earlier in January, Facebook introduced an option for Canadian iOS users to call their friends via Facebook's Messager app. Later that same month, Facebook rolled out the feature in the United States. Now, it seems Android users in the United States are finally getting a taste of that VoIP goodness.

VoIP via Facebook Messenger has been available to Android users around the world for quite a while, but TechCrunch reports that U.S.-based Android users should be able to call friends by tapping the 'i' button inside Facebook Messenger any time now. Facebook told TC that its rolling the feature out to users today. Now Android users can call Facebook users and vice versa, without either party having to worry about using up their minutes. It also positions Facebook to better compete with Viber and other services that already allow smartphone users to make free calls over data networks.

The launch of this new feature on Android brings Facebook one step closer to world domination as the social network integrates itself into everything users do on their desktops, tablets and smartphones. What was once a social network for connecting classmates has evolved into a fenced-in network packed with its own websites, games, email system and instant message service. Now, in 2013, Facebook is taking advantage of today's technology by expanding into mobile devices.

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  • slomo4sho
    Because installing Skype is too hard...
  • computerfarmer
    It is nice of them to offer something, but if it is like the rest of Facebook, there is no real help when a real problem arises. If you complain for the lack of help, they ban you. I have moved to google+ to post my photos(nature) and enjoy their video conferencing with friends. I already use Skype.
  • Anonymous
    "...brings Facebook one step closer to world domination..." LOL, what is that all about? Google has been offering free VOIP calls to anywhere in the U.S. and I believe Canada for nearly 3 years. GOOG is worth much more than FB I recall. I don't see Google invading any countries and planting their flag much less team Zuckerburg. Sure, Facebook is going to get a few million more people to sign up because of this. Dominate the world? I don't even think they will dominate the internet.