Native Facebook App for Android Reportedly Close to Launch

Facebook is reportedly in the final stages of testing a new Android app.

Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg has already confirmed that a native Android app has been in the works. He had admitted that the current HTML5 app of the social network was a mistake.

Engadget now reports that Facebook has entered the final stages of testing its native Android application. Upon the completion of the testing phases, the site apparently won't take much time in releasing the application.

Last week, Facebook surpassed a billion active users, with mobile users exceeding 600 million.


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  • ddpruitt
    Can this new "native" version been removed?

    You know unlike the old one that practically required you to wipe your phone?
  • Ragnar-Kon
    Wait wait wait.... Android doesn't have a native Facebook app already? News to me. Well... hopefully it can be removed as ddpruitt says--no one likes not having control over their phones.

    Anyway, my old-school flip phone and I will be under our rock if anyone needs me.
  • john_4
    Facebook is for Tools & Fools