Sweat Detecting Clothing Cools You Down

Self-Cooling Clothing

For those adventurous type that like to trek through winding roads and steep mountains during the middle of the summer, the sun can become a huge bother. It's a beautiful day outside and you would love to go on a hike but the thought of melting in the boiling sun and creating pools of sweat underneath your clothing is enough to keep you caved up inside your room. Thanks to Columbia Sportswear Company, those long days under the unforgiving heat rays of the sun can be a bit less troublesome.

The Omni-Freeze line of clothing is an innovative clothing solution that magically cools you down the moment it detects any sweat coming into contact with it. The entire collection of clothing is created from the company's special fabric which is created with chemicals that react with liquid such as sweat or water to provide a cooling effect. In addition, the fabric is also designed to encourage the release of heat while simultaneously feeling cooler to the touch. Whether you are about to embark on an exciting hike underneath the scorching hot sun, or about to play some outdoor sports, Columbia probably has a great Omni-Freeze solution for you, that is if you're willing to pay the $70-80 price tag.

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