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Apple's iPads are the tablets to beat. Tom's Guide provides you with all the news, reviews, and must-have apps for the iPad and iPad mini.

picture story - MARCH 31 8

Make your iPad truly indispensable with these 40 essential apps. They're all free, and they'll help you get the most out of your Apple tablet.

reviews - MARCH 28 2

Microsoft Office for iPad is a powerful, but pricey productivity suite that delivers a robust set of features in a touch-friendly format.

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news - FEBRUARY 22 6

The latest iOS patch fixes a serious security flaw. Unfortunately, there's no fix yet for the same hole in Mac OS X.

picture story - JANUARY 31 11

Get up to date weather forecasts with these great weather apps!

news - JANUARY 15 1

The iPad's touchscreen keyboard has many handy shortcuts designed to help you use your iPad more efficiently and quickly. Here’s a list.

news - JANUARY 6 0

SteelSeries' Stratus controller uses iOS 7's native programming interfaces to control iPads and iPhones.

picture story - NOVEMBER 29 1

Check out 25 essential free apps for new iPad users.

reviews - OCTOBER 10 0

Ready to make the jump to a smartphone but worried about the risks? Here's how to keep your iPhone or Android phone secure.

picture story - SEPTEMBER 3 5

Is total control of your device worth the risk?

news - AUGUST 5 24

The International Trade Commission's import ban on several models of Apple mobile devices has been blocked.

news - AUGUST 2 10

Version 2.0 will have a higher resolution display according to the latest scuttlebutt.

news - AUGUST 1 0

Quip is aiming to fill the gap for productivity software in the mobile space.

news - JULY 19 3

Tumblr's iOS app had a very gaping security hole.

news - JUNE 6 15

The next Deus Ex will not be a sequel to Human Revolution.

news - MAY 31 2

Popular iOS App "Scanner Pro" receives update; automatic cropping and batch scans.

news - MAY 21 32

Here we go again.

news - MAY 20 14

Apple is experimenting with 12.5-inch OLED displays. Meanwhile, Foxconn has supposedly received an iWatch order for 1,000 units.

picture story - MAY 10 5

Customize your mobile device with these wallpaper apps and live wallpapers!

news - APRIL 30 7

Simple questions allowed hackers to access a Skype account over six times in one day. Plus, Skype will be coming to Outlook in the coming weeks, and a preview version of Video Messaging has arrived for the...

news - APRIL 30 8

A former Opera employee faces a $3.4 million lawsuit for allegedly giving Mozilla trade secrets.

news - APRIL 30 8

The Google Search app for Apple's iOS platform has been updated to include Google Now.

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