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Yellow Dog Linux 6.0 For PS3 Released

Loveland (CA) - Terrasoft has released a new version of its Yellow Dog Linux (YDL) operating system, which includes a new kernel version as well as the E17 desktop environment.

Terrasoft promises that YDL 6.0 will deliver "enterprise quality for the home user" as it is based on "CentOS with select Fedora 7 components". The operating system is a solid upgrade for Playstation users over version 5.0.2, which used the Linux kernel 2.6.22 rc4. Now in version 2.6.23, the software supports the Playstation 3, Apple PowerPC G4 and G5 as well as IBM’s System p series JS2x, 510, 520 and 540.

Included in the package are the desktops E17 and Gnome, with an option to run KDE; additionally, YDL 6.0 comes with Gnash, Ekiga VoIP, Pidgin IM/IRC, and the Fluendo (MP3) codec installer as well as the Cell SDK v3.0. Supported audio features include audio, 802.11b Airport auto-configuration (Extreme with manual configuration), Sony’s Sixaxis controller, as well as cellphone internet connections. Following the basic install, users can add the Firefox web browser, the Thunderbird email client, Open Office, gThumb and GIMP, RythmBox Music Player, games, multimedia applications, and "a suite of personal accessories," Terrasoft said.

YDL 6.0 can be installed on top of the PS3’s GameOS and therefore enables PS3 users to run both YDL and the game platform. The basic toolset to partition the PS3’s hard drive is already included with the PS3. A manual how to install YDL on the PS3 can be found here.