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Wind Turbine 'Lenses' Focuses Wind Power

A new wind turbine design concept from Japan aims to give three times the power output of current designs and reduce bird kills. This is done by utilizing a "diffuser shroud with a broad-ring brim at the exit periphery" with a wind turbine inside it. The brim increases wind flow towards the turbine, making it go faster and increase energy production.

Yuji Oyha, Kyushu University professor of renewable energy dynamics and applied mechanics, and his team unveiled this concept design during the Yokohama Renewable Energy International Exhibition. A 360-feet "brimmed diffuser" hoop acts as a magnifying glass for the wind that turns the turbine blades inside the hoop. The broad brim creates vortexes behind it, causing a low-pressure region to form and drags more wind into the turbines.

Another benefit of this new design is that there's less chance for wildlife kills. According to bat conservation expert Ed Arnett, higher cut-in speeds reduced kill rates.

The design calls for interlocked hexagon bases where the offshore turbines are to be mounted, creating an aesthetically-pleasing and inherently stable structure.

via Discovery News