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Will.I.Am Talks PULS Band, Apple Watch and Balls

LAS VEGAS - If Will.I.Am threw a ball like it was 1912, would you attend? And if you did, what would you bring? According to the Black Eyed Peas singer, all you'd need would be your keys and the PULS smart band. Speaking to us at CES 2015 in Las Vegas, Will.I.Am showed off the many functions of his wearable and talked tech, Apple and dubious bulges.

We saw some of what the PULS can do at our earlier hands-on with the band, but during this interview, we got an inside look at how the singer himself rocks his wearables. We asked Will (we're allowed to call him that) what he uses the PULS for, and he said it was a good alternative to carrying a smartphone in his pants -- so he doesn't have to worry about unnecessary bulges in his skinny jeans.

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From texting his friends and playing music, to liking Miley Cyrus's pictures on Instagram, it seems Will lives his mobile life on his PULS. The singer gave us a look inside his life with the band.

In addition to showing off his PULS smart cuff, Will.I.Am also shared his thoughts on the Apple Watch. While he is a fan of the Cupertino company's devices, the musician believes that his band and the Apple timepiece can co-exist. Just as there is room for brands such as Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Gucci to thrive in the fashion industry, there is space in the wearables market for the PULS and Apple Watch to compete.

The Apple Watch is expected to arrive in early 2015 for a starting price of $350, while the PULS will retail for $399. Intel already makes a similar smart band called the MICA, which will set you back $500.

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