The Best Shows That Are Leaving BBC iPlayer Soon

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The worst thing about iPlayer is the fact that many of its programmes are only around for a very limited time, often just 30 days. To make sure you don’t miss out on anything particularly interesting or entertaining, we’ve compiled a few excellent shows here that are on their way out, so that you can catch them quickly before they’re gone for good. You can read more about them below, or you can check back again soon for when we update this list with new iPlayer content.

Line of Duty - Expires August 4

A police procedural, except the perspective is that of Anti-Corruption Unit 12, the team responsible for policing the police. In this most recent series, the area of attention is a conspiracy involving undercover police officers and drug dealers. As usual, there are complicated schemes, questionable behaviour on the part of our heroes and villains trying to do the right thing, and of course agonisingly long interrogation scenes with a familiar.

  • If you're outside the UK you can access iPlayer with an iPlayer VPN

Gentleman Jack - Expires August 6

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The title of this drama series is based on the nickname of the 19th century Yorkshire industrialist Anne Lister, while the script is based on her lengthy coded diaries. Miss Lister returns to her family home at the start of the series after the end of a relationship, and sets about reestablishing her life there. But for her this means taking over her estate’s coal business, and setting about seducing another woman, much to the chagrin of her family and the rest of Halifax’s high society. It’s a period piece, but with a thoroughly unusual and enjoyable protagonist.

War in the Blood - Expires August 8

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Graham and Mahmoud are the two volunteer patients for a new cancer treatment, and the subjects of this documentary. They have never met, but are on different floors of the same hospital being treated by the same team, both hoping that their otherwise terminal conditions can be beaten by the new remedy. But as the procedure is still experimental, it’s difficult for both the patients and doctors to grapple with how much faith they can put into the idea of recovery.

Ghosts - Expires August 19

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Alison and Mike think the enormous country manor they’ve inherited from a dead relative is a massive stroke of luck. Sadly, it comes with a catch of being haunted by many ghosts. The spirits don’t take kindly to being disturbed, but coming into contact with the living for the first time in many years changes more than just their daily haunting routines.

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