The Best Shows That Are Leaving BBC iPlayer Soon

(Image credit: Twentieth Television, Walt Disney Television)

The worst thing about iPlayer is the fact that many of its programmes are only around for a very limited time, often just 30 days. To make sure you don’t miss out on anything particularly interesting or entertaining, we’ve compiled a few excellent shows here that are on their way out, so that you can catch them quickly before they’re gone for good. You can read more about them below, or you can check back again soon for when we update this list with new iPlayer content.

The Unwanted: The Secret Windrush Files - Expires 24 July

Credit: Uplands Television

(Image credit: Uplands Television)

David Olusoga looks at the history of the ‘Windrush Generation’, immigrants from the Commonwealth who moved to Britain in the mid-20th century. He points to how even though the door was theoretically open to these people, the British government made numerous attempts to limit their rights, both to settle in the country and once they’d begun living here. The end point of the documentary is almost the present day, with the ‘Windrush Scandal’ faced by the current government back in 2018.

Operation Mincemeat - Expires 26 July

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This 2010 documentary tells the strange World War 2 story of Captain William Martin. Captain Martin never actually existed, as the body found dressed in a Royal Navy uniform and carrying sensitive information by German soldiers was actually that of a homeless man. The whole thing was a British plan to hide an invasion of Sicily. The plan only gets stranger from there, and this programme brings it all together brilliantly.

Atlanta - Series 1 expires 25 - 26 July 

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Written by and starring Donald Glover (or Childish Gambino if you know him from his music career), this first series introduces us to the Georgia city and the characters that, while going through their own storylines, show us the different sides of Atlanta. Sometimes funny, sometimes serious, and sometimes just strange, the experiences of Earn, Paper Boi, Darius and Van are entertaining, and also insightful into familiar and unfamiliar sides of modern America.

Blackadder II - First episode expires 29 July

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In the court of Queen Elizabeth I, Lord Blackadder, the latest in a long line of Blackadders, is still the only smart man in a room full of idiots. Elizabeth is immature, the Lord Chamberlain is a fawning sycophant, and Blackadder’s only friends are an airheaded member of the aristocracy, Lord Percy Percy, and his equally foolish servant Baldrick. All the same, Blackadder plots in numerous ways to win the favour of the queen, colliding with recognisable members of history.