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UV Doorknob is Self-Sanitizing

Despite our fears of catching a cold or spreading illnesses to our loved ones, many of us go on living our lives without paying much attention to the small details that can end up causing big problems. Door handles for example are frequently known to become a place for harmful germs and contagious diseases to be easily spread.

An award wining design by Choi Borni, the Healthy Handle utilizes the powers of UV light to sanitize both our door handles as well as our hands when using them. The device simply works with a UV light that is always on depending on the state of power in the building. When the door handle is touched, the light flickers off and turns right back on once contact is released.

Surprisingly enough that small amount of contact made with the UV powered light is capable of eliminating a majority of harmful germs that might just prevent you or someone else from getting sick. Another bonus to the healthy handle is the fact that it could act as a miniature night light to guide the way in the middle of the night.