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Microwave Shows YouTube Videos, Accesses Twitter

Do you find yourself easily bored when re-heating chicken nuggets or leftover pizza in the microwave? After all, sixty or so seconds seems like an eternity when your stomach is growling and your mouth is salivating over the nuked food behind the layers of glass and metal.

Perhaps, then, you might want to get your hands on a μWave, a modified Westinghouse WST3501 microwave that plays YouTube videos of the same duration as your food's cook time. It even texts your smartphone when the nuking task is complete, and has its own Twitter account to tweet about its use.

Unfortunately, the μWave is currently not a product available on the market. It was built in just two days by a group of students for the University of Pennsylvania's PennApps "hackathon."

According to the group, the μWave uses Arduino (controller, Ethernet shield, Proto shield) to tap into the microwave's countdown, retrieve a video of the same length from a Linode VPS server, and push the content to a hacked HP TouchPad webOS-powered tablet mounted on the door. The actual list of materials can be found here.

"The UI is where the magic happens, so we knew we needed something slick to display YouTube videos," the group reports. "We didn’t really have time to build our own display, so we figured a tablet would do the job. For the sake of simplicity and portability, we developed a website instead of a native app."

To see the "connected" microwave in action, check out the video below!