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The Tron Costume that Just Glows on You

If you've got a huge geek-on for Tron, then you already know your patience is about to be rewarded. 18 years might be a long time to wait for a sequel, but isn't obsessiveness the definitive trait of geekery?

Since you're definitely attending a Tron: Legacy midnight screening, or maybe even a preview, you might as well dress for the occasion. No, I'm not talking about those expensive 3D glasses every eyewear company seems to be hawking these days. Best save your money and just come in costume!

This Quorra costume is a far cry from the infamous Tron Guy. It features electroluminescent film strips that really give it the classic glowing lines that tell you she's in a videogame character from an early 80's film. The strips are attached onto the faux leather catsuit with velcro, so they can be removed for laundry.

Designer Syuzi made the costume for Halloween, and plans to release a guide on how to make your own Tron costume. Let's hope she finishes that soon, otherwise there will be a lot of Tron Guys wearing 3-D Oakleys on opening night.