Trinity Magnum Is a Gun for Oculus Rift

Your virtual shooting sprees could soon become more realistic than ever. The Trinity Magnum is a new gun controller for games designed to make your virtual reality experience more immersive with precise motion tracking and low lag. The developer version of the Trinity Magnum costs $80 on Kickstarter now, and is expected to ship to backers by December.

Instead of using traditional controllers or the keyboard to control your character in games, you would be able to frag enemies by pointing the Magnum and pulling a trigger— just like you would in the real world. You can grip the controller with two hands for a first-person shooting experience, or use it with one hand as a sword or lightsaber.

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Thanks to 9-axis inertial sensors on the Magnum, you can twist and turn the gun in your hands to aim and fire naturally. In a demo video, a player moved the Magnum around in his hand, and the gun within the game moved completely in sync with no noticeable lag. He also waved the accessory from side to side to change his field of view in a game.

Trinity Magnum: Boot Camp Gameplay

On the top of the Magnum are four physical buttons and an analog joystick, while a trigger sits in the crook. A golf ball-like extrusion at the end of the gun works with a camera on your Oculus DK2/CV1, Playstation Eye or Microsoft Kinect to enhance positional accuracy of your movements. The tracking software will also work with most webcams for computers as well. The optical tracking is optional though, so the controller will work without a camera.

Trinity's Magnum is designed to be platform agnostic, so it has the potential to work with games and devices across different manufacturers.

Last week, reports surfaced that Oculus VR itself is building a motion controller for the Rift to make the Oculus experience more immersive. It's not clear yet what exactly Oculus has planned, but Magnum maker TrinityVR could potentially beat Oculus to releasing a compelling controller to improve gaming for virtual reality.

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  • virtualban
    A functioning gun now, and a functioning play-mate toy sometime in the foreseeable past and future.