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Watch This Gamer Play Hearthstone and Starcraft at Once

The future is officially here -- driverless cars are getting set to replace Uber employees, and pro gamers are learning how to dominate in two titles at once. Also, Alcatel's neat new phone case could double as a VR headset, and a much-anticipated Xbox One exclusive is spreading the love to Windows 10. Here's what's trending in tech.

Ultimate Multitasker Plays Hearthstone and Starcraft II Simultaneoulsy

Now this is multitasking. Not content to dominate at just a single game at a time, pro gamer CranK managed to play a match of StarCraft II while simultaneously casting spells and crushing minions in digital card game Hearthstone. CranK probably broke some sort of world record for clicks-per-minute, and watching him skillfully play two of eSports' biggest games at once will probably make you feel awful about your own abilities.

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Uber Drivers Take on Self-Driving Cars

With Lyft already looking into driverless car technology, are drivers for ridesharing services doomed? Buzzfeed's Henry Goldman rode around with a few Lyft and Uber employees to find out, picking their brains about how technology might replace their livelihood someday. Also, Goldman test-drives some of Tesla's insanely advanced automatic driving features, proving that we may indeed end up living in a future where we get picked up by an Uber with no one inside.

Quantum Break Hitting Windows 10 and Xbox One Simultaneously

Good news, PC gamers -- one of the Xbox One's biggest upcoming exclusives is now coming to Windows 10 as well. Remedy Entertainment's cinematic action romp Quantum Break will arrive on both Xbox One and Windows 10 on April 5, and pre-ordering the Xbox version will get you a PC copy for free. Better yet, the Xbox One version includes a free, backwards-compatible download of Remedy's beloved Xbox 360 hit Alan Wake. There's even a $349 Quantum Break bundle that includes both games and a snazzy white Xbox One for $349.

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Alcatel's Next Phone May Include a VR Headset

Between Google Cardboard and Samsung's Gear VR, it's never been easier to experience virtual reality right from your smartphone. Alcatel is reportedly looking to cut out the middleman entirely, however, and bundle its upcoming Idol 4S smartphone with a hard-plastic box that doubles as a VR viewer. The Idol 4S is shaping up to be Alcatel's most powerful handset yet, and a built-in VR headset could give it some serious ammunition for taking on the likes of Samsung and HTC.

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Explore 20 Years of the Windows Start Menu

Credit: The Verge

(Image credit: The Verge )

When it comes to the history of the PC, few things are as iconic as the Windows Start menu. That's why The Verge's visual history of the Start screen delivers such a rush of nerdy nostalgia, as you'll be taken from the pixelated program menus of Windows 95 all the way to the polarizing, touch-minded interface of Windows 8. However, by the time you land on the Windows 10 Start menu we have today, you'll realize that perhaps Microsoft's biggest innovation is going back to what worked 20 years ago.