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Apple Protects 'Apple' In 42 International Classes

Patently Apple discovered Apple's trademark filing in Europe, in which Apple seeks trademark coverage in 42 of 45 possible international classes. The only classes in which Apple does want its trademark to be protected is in Class 13 (firearms), 19 (non-metallic building materials) and 34 (tobacco). However, it does look for a trademark in unusual categories such as paints, cleaning materials, lubricants and fuels, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, jewelry, furniture, yarns and threads, meats and processed foods, light beverages, wine and spirits, insurance and financial, medical and beauty as well as hotels and restaurants.

Patently Apple notes that it might be time to pretend and simply cover all trademark request in one wave. At least the trademark filing now indicates that we might see Apple diamonds in the future (or, perhaps the iPhone is considered jewelry?) and Apple branded steaks and beer?

The filing covers quite a bit and, if approved, Apple should be well-armed to defend its increasingly valuable brand.