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Windows 10, Samsung Gear VR Reviewed, Metro PCS' New Deal - Tom's Guide Update

Every day, Tom's Guide covers the most important technology news and explains why it matters to you, from a mainstream consumer perspective. Today, Microsoft showed off a host of improvements to its upcoming operating system as well as two cool new devices. Samsung's Gear VR proves that mobile virtual reality can rock, MetroPCS makes unlimited 4G LTE more affordable than ever and President Obama's new hacking laws could put you behind bars.

Microsoft's Windows 10 Event: What You Need to Know

We're getting closer to gaining back the much-missed Start Menu, but Windows 10 will bring even more goodies than that. From Cortana for the desktop to Xbox gaming on the PC, the next Windows could be the best system yet. Microsoft also showed off its HoloLens holographic headset that could literally change how you look at the world, and an 84-inch Surface Hub all-in-one that will transform meetings.

Samsung Gear VR Reviewed - How Good Is It?

Samsung's Gear VR virtual reality headset is finally here, and it's pretty awesome. This $199 peripheral attaches to your Galaxy Note 4 to immerse you movies, games and more. But what is it really like to wear it?

Check out our full Samsung Gear VR Review.

Obama's Anti-Hacking Laws Could Put You Behind Bars

If President Obama's newly proposed hacking laws become a reality, you might end up under arrest for simply sharing your HBO GO password.

MetroPCS Offers Unlimited 4G LTE on the Cheap

In the market for a cheap prepaid phone? You might want to check out MetroPCS' new unlimited 4G LTE promotion, which allows you to enjoy as much high-speed data as you like for $50 a month. But you'll need to act fairly soon.

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