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This Alarm Clock Goes Crazy to Wake You

Designer Guari Nanda’s Tocky literally puts a new spin on alarm clocks. Once this chronometer hits the appointed time, it starts rolling all over the place while blaring an MP3 or audio prerecorded through the device’s built-in mic. Audio can be uploaded into the gadget via USB.

Clearly, Nanda believes that a noisy alarm clock that automatically moves beyond the owner’s reach is an effective antidote to even the deepest of sleep—it’s the same feature that characterizes her first product, the Clocky.

Both the Tocky and Clocky are available from Guari’s online store. The Tocky is available in four colors (orange, white, aqua, and green), all priced at $79 each. An “almond”, raspberry, and aqua Clocky costs $39, while the chrome variant will set you back by $45. “Skins” for the Tocky, which allow the owner to change the alarm clock’s color to suit their mood or interior design, are priced at $10 for a pack of two.

Guari Nanda’s Online Store