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Stretchable Eectronics Report How You Feel

According to a paper published in the journal of Advanced Functional Materials, "stiff" electronic materials can be combined with channels of elastomers that are filled with fluid metal to achieve a fabric of elastic and stretchable electronics.

Zhigang Wu from Uppsala University said that he successfully developed a wireless sensor using microfluidic stretchable radio frequency electronics as well as an antenna that is integrated with a conventional circuit board. The sensor itself monitors body movements and forwards data to a computer. At this time, the data relates especially to bending of body parts, which could provide valuable data to the state of health of a body in health monitoring applications. However, the use of fluid metals and circuitry would reach much further and the imagination would go toward robots, especially those made of liquid metal - which some may remember from the Terminator movies?

In the near future, the scientists hope to create what they call e-skin, a second layer of skin that would move as a smart health monitoring feature for humans.