Terk Horizon Amplified Indoor HDTV Antenna BARTVA Review

Who's it for?

Flat panel owners who want their antenna to blend in with their home theater equipment.

Design: A Powered Bar

Boasting a unique design, the Terk Horizon is an amplified antenna that's intended to mimic the design language of today's flat-panel TVs. Unfolded, the Horizon bar snaps to its full length of 32 inches, and is 4 inches high. It can be mounted snugly on top of a TV, thanks to a supplied bracket that sticks onto the back of the set, or it can be positioned under the set, like a sound bar. You can also hang it on a wall using a couple of screws.

The Horizon is amplified, which means it must be plugged in with a supplied power adapter (or to a powered USB port on a TV). The antenna is designed to try to pull in weaker signals and filter out irrelevant radio signals. Terk puts a 60-mile-radius rating on the antenna, although your results will depend on what other impediments (such as buildings and hills) may be near you.

Performance: Able Reception

Like most antennae we've tested, the Terk Horizon recognized more stations while scanning than it was able to reliably pull in for viewing. Of the 28 stations registered, the Horizon delivered 21 channels with solid, crisp reception — roughly double the number of stations many nonamplified antennas are able to deliver in the same metropolitan area. It received 1080i channels, including the local CBS, NBC and difficult-to-acquire ABC affiliates. Other 720p stations looked good, as well, including reruns of Mannix. The Terk Horizon captured stations, such as Laff, that nonamplified models were not able to pull in.

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Four of the remaining stations that the Terk Horizon recognized had intermittent pixelation and image problems, while three were unwatchable because of dropouts. Your results will depend upon the antenna placement and what's available in your area.

Bottom Line

Of the various amplified antennas in this price range, the Terk Horizon is a better-than-average performer. It excels in its aesthetic sensibility and easy placement, aspects in which other antennae fall flat.