Talkitt App Gives the Speech Impaired a Voice

If no one can hear or understand you, frustration, aggravation and a profound sense of isolation bubble to the surface. Unfortunately, these are all common emotions to those suffering from speech disorders. This aggravation is what inspired Talkitt to create a way to understand them, using Indiegogo and the kindness of strangers.

The Boston-based start-up designed an app that will translate slurred vocal patterns into an intended language. If the claims can be believed, the app will be compatible with any language. The company specifically calls out Chinese, French and Klingon on its site. Currently, Talkitt is attempting to raise $50,000 via Indiegogo to finish the iOS and Android apps, which it hopes to release by the second quarter of 2015.

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About 1.5 percent of the world population suffer from speech disorders, caused by a variety of medical conditions, including Cerebral Palsy, Autism, Parkinson's as well as hearing disabilities. Talkitt has received some initial support from hospitals, universities, NGOs and tech companies from around the world, including TEDMED, Alyn Pediatric Hospital, and Orange4G.

According to Dr. Morit Beeri, CEO of Alyn Pediatric Hospital placed her full support behind the project. "We....believe Talkitt will change the lives of speech impaired children, empowering them to do things they never could before."

Indiegogo Backers are offered various subscription levels for their preorders. A 3 month subscription for $36 comes with the lowest level pre-orders. You get 6 months for $66, or a year for $108. There are also backer levels for medical sponsors, associations and schools.  

Many people live with family members who have a speech disorder. This app will be a godsend for them. It will simplify communication and help them to care for their families. We wholly support this app, and hope that it receives the funds it needs to finish development.

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