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T-Mobile's New One Plus Plan is the One We Want

T-Mobile sure moves quick. Less than two weeks after unveiling its unlimited-everything T-Mobile One plan, the carrier has announced a few changes to the service while also introducing a premium tier dubbed T-Mobile One Plus. The company has also bumped the plan's release date up a few days to Sept. 1. 

One Plus is a premium version of the T-Mobile's unlimited plan that adds in some extra perks for an extra $25 per month. One Plus customers get unlimited HD video (no need to buy the aforementioned day passes) as well as unlimited 4G LTE hotspot and tablet data for your extra devices. One Plus' $95 monthly price tag is the same as what T-Mobile used to charge for its standard unlimited plan.

Announced earlier this month, the regular T-Mobile One plan offers customers a single $70 per month unlimited data option instead of having them chose between various data buckets for different prices. You'll save more in a group plan -- having four lines costs $40 per month, for example.

As of today (Aug. 29), T-Mobile is quadrupling the speeds of One's unlimited mobile hotsspot data--up to 3G. T-Mobile is also adding the option for "HD Day Passes" that let you stream all of the HD content you want for $3 per day starting this October.

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While T-Mobile says that these new changes are based on customer feedback, it seems like the Uncarrier may be overlooking T-Mobile shoppers on a tight budget. The company's Simple Choice plan previously offered a $50-per-month, 2GB option for folks that don't use much data. While the carrier has told us that these plans aren't going away at the moment, the arrival of One and One Plus make us wonder how much longer they'll stick around.

Fortunately, if T-Mobile's One and One Plus plans do seem right for you, you won't have to wait much longer for them. The new unlimited services will debut on Sept. 1, which is five days earlier than the release date that the Uncarrier announced a few weeks ago.

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