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Shirt Turns iPad Into T-Shirt Accessory

The Syte Shirt is a black "heavyweight" cotton shirt that features a transparent pocket up front, sized to fit an iPad. Two holes provide easy access to the tablet's earphone and dock ports without removing it from the zippered pouch, while the transparent "vinyl" screen still allows interaction with the touch-screen.

Syte's makers are touting the shirt as a "platform for wearable computing", limited only by "the imaginations of its users". The official PR paints different scenarios for the product, with pizza delivery boys, salesmen, promotional models and even teachers using the Syte and the iPad to great effect. The idea is that the Syte can turn the iPad into a dynamic presentation tool you wear on your shirt, with customers or your audience free to tap on it for more information on your message.

Small to Extra Large Syte Shirts retail for $50, while the XXL size goes for $55. It recently made an appearance at the San Diego Comic-Con, and is available from Jay Company Comics (unfortunately the product doesn't seem to be available from Jay's website).