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Swiss Minigun: The World's Smallest Gun

The Swiss Mini Gun is a tiny double action revolver that looks and functions like its regular sized counterpart. As you can see from the photos and website, the gun features very intricate details that make it almost indistinguishable from a real gun. Minus the small fact that it's about the size of your thumb.

Measuring in at a total length of no more than 5.5 cm, the Swiss Mini Gun is awarded by Guinness as the world's smallest gun. In addition, the ammunition used, 2.34mm caliber bullets, is also the smallest rim fire ammo in the world.

If you're concerned with the lethality of this miniature weapon, the company responsible for making it would like to inform you that the typical BB gun sold legally in many stores in the US is 5-10 times stronger than the Swiss Mini Gun.

That being said, the Swiss Mini Gun is a wonderful piece of art for collectors and displays the incredible craftsmanship and work that the designers put into it. Unfortunately for US collectors, this piece of art doesn't meet the requirements for importation but you can check out the video below to admire the Swiss Mini Gun in action.