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Superhot VR Made Me Feel Like I Was in The Matrix

SAN JOSE, Calif. — I didn't know I was that flexible. But there I was, doing my best "Matrix" lean trying to avoid a bullet hurtling towards me. I watched as the projectile coast by my bent frame, leaving a blood-red trail in its wake. And that was my introduction to the bendy, twisty, highly addictive fun that is Superhot in virtual reality.

Created by the Superhot Team, the indie game (currently available on PC, Xbox One, Mac and Linux) became a critical darling, thanks to its innovative take on first-person shooters. Players advance through the game by avoid the attacks of a series of glowing red enemies while trying to dispatch them. Sounds easy enough right? Wrong.

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In Superhot, the foes only move when you do. That means that every head turn or attempt to grab a weapon, puts you one step closer to your imminent demise unless you plan accordingly. With the Oculus Touch controllers in hand, I flung a cigarette tray into the head of an approaching combatant, shattering him in glittering red pieces.

With two hostiles left, one of which was armed with a gun, I had to strategize. By slowly winding my right hand, I watched as my brightly-colored nemesis drew closer. The one brandishing the pistol aimed and fired, allowing me to dodge the bullet and punch him. Grabbing the gun, I turned to my left and aerated the remains threat. I made it about six more levels, before I was tagged with an errant bullet.

I've played the traditional PC version of Superhot, which is fun in its own right. However, having the ability to move in a 3D space adds a whole other level of strategy to the game. It was thrilling to narrowly dodge a bullet and then grab something as innocuous as a teapot and knock someone out. When I finished the demo, I felt like a James Bond/Neo mashup, which was totally kick-ass.