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The Iron Man Pinball Machine

The pinball machine is the arcade's greatest relic; it's what your mom and dad played, before the days of those fancy video game death simulators. You're still bound to see a few here and there, gathering dust instead of quarters. It's time the old girl got an upgrade, and what better way than to make a machine featuring a man who upgraded himself?

Stern, a company determined to keep the pinball market alive, released an Iron Man-themed game earlier this week. It features characters from both films, like the villainous Whiplash and Iron Monger, as they try to stop Iron Man's mighty steel balls. Providing Tony some assist is affirmative-action best bud War Machine, giving Tony his balls back, just like in the movie.

It's an expensive piece of hardware at around $3,800, so you have to be a real hardcore Iron Man and pinball fan to want one. Maybe you could build your own Iron Man pinball. In a cave. With a box of scraps.

[source: Stern Pinball via Gearfuse]