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Report: Full Copies of Starcraft 2 in the Wild

In the video, found here, an anonymous camera man brings pans over the contents of the game box. Near the beginning he converses with a friend (reportedly in Czech) while breathing heavily through his mouth. Eventually, after he takes the time to flip through the included comic (Starcraft #0) and The Art of Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty, he loads one of the game discs into his computer and attempts to run the installer.

The installer fails to load, displaying:

Starcraft II Is Not Released
Hell, it is not yet time
Come back on 27/7/2010

What do you think? Is the leak genuine or a calculated last-minute boost by Blizzard? And while the game requires online activation to run properly, will pirates find a way around this limitation, and make copies available for download through torrent sites?