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Star Wars' BB-8 Droid Can Now Be Yours

This Friday (Sept. 4), the droid you're looking for will be available for sale. The spherical BB-8 robot from the upcoming Star Wars: The Force Awakens will be available as a novelty toy that Jedis and Siths everywhere can operate with their phones and tablets, thanks to land-based drone manufacturer Sphero.

You'll be able to purchase the trailer-stealing roller-droid at Best Buy, Apple Stores and Sphero's website, for a hefty bounty of $150. The robot offers some major fan service in exchange for the high price, as BB-8 will enable you to "create, send and view virtual holographic videos." This way, you can holographically tell your friends in the kitchen that they're your only hope for fetching you a snack.

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The BB-8 will work with iOS and Android devices, with an app that lets you program routes for the little explorer or drive it around manually. Its 60 minutes of battery life isn't quite feature length, so be ready to use the included inductive charger platform to keep BB-8 as peppy as it is on screen.

Operating over Bluetooth, BB-8 has a 30-meter range for remote operations. Sphero claims the droid will recognize your voice and adapt to your behavior, which could create a bond that might make your house-pets jealous. Sphero has yet to release the specs for the BB-8's size, but, based on pictures and videos, the droid looks particularly tiny -- smaller than a fishbowl, and just slightly bigger than a smartphone.

Despite its high price, this novelty item is likely to go fast when it releases on Sept. 4. If you plan on buying one, may the force be with you.