Star Wars Battlefront 2: Everything We Know So Far

Star Wars Battlefront 2 is official, and the follow up to EA's intergalactic multiplayer shooter looks bigger and better in every way.

The next Battlefront introduces a much-requested single player campaign that promises to tell an exciting original story, as well as the ability to recreate iconic battles from every era of Star Wars (yes, even the prequels).

If you're excited to get into some epic space dogfights or just want to slice up your friends as Kylo Ren, here's everything you need to know about Star Wars Battlefront 2 before it hits PS4, Xbox One and PC on Nov. 17, 2017.

What's the story in Star Wars Battlefront 2?

One of the biggest criticisms of 2015's Star Wars Battlefront was its lack of a proper story mode, something that developers DICE, Motive and Criterion are answering in a big way.

Battlefront 2's single-player campaign casts you as Iden Versio, commander of an Imperial special forces squad who's out to avenge the Empire following the events of Return of the Jedi. The game's story spans the events of 30 years, and will occasionally let you take control of other characters such as Luke Skywalker and Kylo Ren. We're definitely eager to experience the war from the Empire's point of view, especially since Battlefront 2's campaign is an official piece of Star Wars fiction that helps bridge the gap between the original trilogy and The Force Awakens.

What else is new in Battlefront 2?

While Battlefront 1 was limited to the original trilogy, EA is making good on its promise to include all eras of Star Wars in the new game. Playable characters include Darth Maul, Yoda, Kylo Ren, Rey and Luke Skywalker, with a host of franchise-spanning locations that include Hoth, Tatooine and Starkiller Base. Oh, and just for good measure, you'll get to ram Stormtroopers with a Tauntaun.

Battlefront 2 is now class-based (meaning you'll get to specialize in things like heavy weapons or sniping), and promises lots of ways to customize and upgrade your troopers, hero characters and even spaceships. Speaking of which, EA says that space combat will play a much larger role in the new game, as you'll be able to engage in 24-player dogfights with improved ship controls thanks to the folks at Criterion.

The new Battlefront will once again have split-screen co-op play on PS4 and Xbox One, except this time you'll be able to earn rewards that carry over to the game's online modes.

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What platforms is Battlefront 2 coming to?

Battlefront 2 is set to release on Nov. 17 for PS4, Xbox One and PC. The game is rumored to be 4K-optimized for Microsoft's upcoming Project Scorpio console, and we wouldn't be surprised to see the game get similar treatment on PS4 Pro. Picking up the game's $79 Elite Trooper Deluxe Edition on any platform will allow you to play the game a few days early on Nov. 14.

Is there a beta?

You bet. The beta opens wide on Oct 6. on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, and will run through Oct. 9.

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The beta is available only to those who have pre-ordered the game. It lets you play Galactic Assault mode for some on-the-ground strategy, and Starfighter Assault mode for dogfights with all of your favrorite Star Wars ships. There's also arcade mode, consisting of some single player missions, and Strike Mode, in which the First Order fights the Resistance.

Star Wars Battlefront II

What about DLC and pre-order bonuses?

Developer DICE told Mashable that Battlefront 2 will ditch the season pass model from the original game, which hopefully means all players will have access to the same maps and modes without having to buy extra content.

That said, it looks like EA will have plenty of other add-ons to sell you once the game comes out. Pre-ordering the game will get you a pack of characters and costumes from Star Wars: The Last Jedi, which will probably be sold separately afterwards.

Should I be excited for Star Wars Battlefront 2?

EA's first Star Wars Battlefront game felt pretty thin when it launched in 2015, so fans have every right to be skeptical about the sequel. However, by introducing a single-player campaign and tossing in characters and worlds from every Star Wars era, Battlefront 2 could be a return to the expansive fun that made the LucasArts games of the same name so popular a decade ago.

If 2015's Battlefront did one thing right, it was delivering an incredibly authentic Star Wars experience with gorgeous, painstakingly faithful environments and true-to-the-movies sound effects. If Battlefront 2 offers that same fan service within a more complete game, we're all in for a treat.

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