The Spotlight: Servers in the Sky and Drawsome!

Shelling out $200 Million for OMGPOP

I am not a huge fan of Zynga. From what I’ve heard, employees there aren’t treated particularly well, and saying that its library of games leaves something to be desired is a huge understatement. That, and getting FarmVille notifications on Facebook 50 times a day still haunts me in my dreams.

If that all wasn’t enough, I have a new reason to dislike the company: spending $210 million on buying OMGPOP, the devs behind the new iOS hit Draw Something. Draw Something has everything I want in a mobile game: Fun enough to play for five or ten minutes as a time killer, with a simple interface and a fun objective (drawing silly pictures with my finger).

OMGPOP is known for Draw Something, but they do have plenty of other games available for purchase. That said, spending $210 million on a company with one hit seems like a bit of a gamble. Plus, I don’t want to see a developer like OMGPOP be swallowed whole by a disgusting machine like Zynga.

There are plenty of people out there playing Words With Friends, so one man’s headache is another man’s time-killer, I suppose. But I hope this acquisition doesn’t spell the end of good OMGPOP titles. --Devin Connors

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